paranormal & fantasy romance

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Your song called to the darkness in me,

and I knew you were meant to be mine.”

I didn’t know vampires existed until the night I became one. I was terrified and ​alone, until a stranger stepped out of the darkness and saved me from myself.

His name was Adam. He was centuries old and powerful beyond belief. Having ​grown bored with his immortality, he offered me shelter, and his protection. He ​would teach me how to live as a vampire. I knew I should be frightened, but for ​some reason I felt safe with him. So I said yes.

Adam awakened something inside me. He taught me to embrace the darkness, ​and for the first time in years I felt truly alive. But there was a threat to my ​newfound happiness. I was changed illegally, making my very existence a crime ​in the vampire world. If I was discovered, I’d be executed. Adam vowed to keep ​me safe, but I was immortal now. No one can stay hidden forever.

releasing September 13, 2024

“No matter how far you run, no matter ​where you hide, I will always find you.”

releasing October 1, 2024

The Darkest Gift Duology features morally gray vampires who will stop at nothing to possess what they desire.

It is intended for mature readers, and has content which may be troubling to some.

Content Warnings can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Content Warnings Contain Spoilers, But If You Have Triggers I Incourage You To Read Them.

Scroll to the Bottom Of This Page For A Detailed List.

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Content Warning

The Darkest Song (Book One) contains graphic sex, graphic violence, graphic blood depictions, physical violence ​against the main character, vomiting, murder, FMC held captive, mention of drug use, references to terminal ​illness (off page, historical context) references to suicide (off page, historical context), cliffhanger.

The Darkest Crown (Book Two) contains graphic sex, graphic violence, physical violence against the main ​character, graphic blood depictions, vomiting, murder, FMC held captive, dubious consent, drug use, house fire, ​references to terminal illness (off page, historical context), references to suicide (off page, historical context), ​references to infertility (off page, historical context), death of a child (off page, historical context)

***Please note- This duet has multiple love interests (though not at the same time) and some readers might ​consider it a love triangle. It is not polyamorous or why choose.